The silicon detector used in this mission is identical to that of the NINA-1 mission. A photo of the whole device, with the Al vessel, is shown in Figure 1.
In Figure 2 a module of the telescope is shown: besides the detector, it is possible to see the two preamplifiers for the X and Y views (right and left side of the silicon element), and the trigger and interface electronics (below).

Software second-level-trigger figures allow to discard broken strips or planes and substitute anticoincidence vetoes. The system performs automatic calibrations and checks of the dark current noise at intervals during acquisition; this allows to take into account eventual - but so far not observed - shifts of the detector's pedestal or variations of the amplification chain gain. According to the trigger configuration, the detector can vary its observational characteristics in order to focus the acquisition of different particles and energy ranges.

Figure 1
Figure 2