Nina is divided in 4 subsystems:

  • Detector (Box D1): it is composed of 32 silicon layers, each subdivided in 16 strips, and of the electronics for processing the signal coming from the strips.
  • On-board computer (Box D2): it is dedicated to the data processing and to the selection of the trigger configuration.
  • Interface computer (Box E): it rearranges the data coming from D2 and delivers them to the satellite.
  • Power supply (Box P): it distributes the power supply from the satellite to the different subsystems.
  • Such organization of the detector, due to logistical reasons (some parts have been built in Italy, others in Russia) and to the free space available on the spacecraft (D1 is placed on a top-side of the satellite, the others inside its body), has allowed an independent built-up and testing of the various apparata, simplifying this way also their integration.