The interface computer (E box)

The box E represents the last step of the NINA data processing before the records are sent to the satellite for transmission, via telemetry, to ground. It consists of a board Intel 80386, programmed in DOS, whose software is placed on flash EPROM. The total memory of the system is 14 Mbyte, to be adapted to the telemetry rate which is of 2 Mbyte/day.

The duties of the box E are the following:

  • Receiving data from box D2;
  • Re-coding the data from D2 in a format which is compatible with adding information of telemetry and the UT (Universal Time) to each event;
  • Receiving telecommands from the satellite related to the box E status;
  • Delivery of the final data to the telemetry of the satellite.
  • For redundancy reasons, the data delivery to ground is twofold, during two successive connections. After the second delivery, the data are canceled from the memory of E.